Dr. David Jones

Dr. David Jones, an orthopedic surgeon at CHN, has performed hundreds of surgeries during the past 26 years.

Jones, a former Ohio State hockey player and graduate of Cornell Medical School, originally wanted to go into family practice or general surgery. A sports enthusiast, he eventually chose to specialize in orthopedics.

Jones_beach“I like orthopedics because you get to deal with all ages and a wide variety of problems,” says Jones. “I guess I’ve always liked to fix things, and I get to do that in orthopedics.”

While orthopedics takes up the majority of Jones’ time, hockey ranks high on his list of favorite activities. Starting as a young boy, he continued playing in an adult league until this year. Several of his children played hockey; including his fifteen year-old daughter who skates for the Madison Capitals.

“The thing about hockey is you can do it when you’re 60, 70 or 80,” comments Jones. “Obviously, you move slower than you used to, but it’s still something you can do with your kids.”

Sports have always been a part of Jones’ life, which is why he is an advocate for exercising and eating healthier. Jones and his wife encourage their eight children to be active, play sports and work on the family farm.

Jones has joined forces with a local citizens' group called the Cornerstone Project. The group’s mission is to provide a centralized location for daycare, a youth activities center and an ice program that includes hockey, speed and figure skating.

Running is another sport Jones enjoys.

Jones_on_camelIn 2008, Jones and two of his daughters went to Egypt's Sahara Desert to participate in RacingThePlanet®. This rough country footrace is one of the most prestigious outdoor events of its kind' taking place over seven days and covering 150 miles.

“It was such a great experience, I’m thinking about doing the race in Mongolia, China,” remarks Jones. “People have told us that the mountains are beautiful, and the kids love Westerners.”

Jones trainined hard for the Ironman Wisconsin, which was in September 2010. Four of his children and two future sons-in-law joined him swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles.

Whether it’s hockey, running, skiing or snowboarding, Jones’ philosophy is simple. “I think anything anybody can do to encourage others to get up and move is a good thing,” he explains.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones, call 920-361-2500.

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